Wordful Wednesday

female cardinal

I know this is by far NOT the best picture of a female cardinal.  However, I was sitting here watching her eat from our bird feeder for the umpteenth time; and I got to pondering/wondering/thinking… “Why can’t I look at life like she does?”   Her life as a female bird is not that complex.  She lacks nothing; she has all she needs.  She is content.  (The cardinals chirp very regularly.  I’ll have to write more about that in another blog entry.)

Side note… as I was typing this, I noticed movement in my peripheral vision.  I turned my head to look, and a beautiful woodpecker was making its way up the tree just beyond our deck.  I’m guessing it was a least 9″ from beak to tail.  Wow!  God’s creation is so amazing!  Wish I had a clearer way to take pictures of all the wildlife just outside my home window.

(A side note to the side note:  I was going to delete the word “home” altogether, but then I realized I’d like to some day blog about why I felt the need to change that word.)

Back to the female cardinal and the not-so-great picture.  If you click on the pic, it’ll open in a new window where you can see a bit more detail.  The numbers in the lower left-hand corner of the photo are from a “clingy” calendar that we have on our sliding glass door.  I suppose I could/should lower it… to afford a better view of the feeder.  Alas, that will be for another time.


I’m participating in Wordful Wednesday at Seven Cloud Circus and Wednesday of Few Words at A Lot of Loves.

You can also see my Wordless Wednesday post for this week here.


8 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday”

  1. Hi Anita!
    Love this post! I love watching birds too! We definitely need a bird feeder in our yard.

    I am very happy to hear the kids are enjoying the dvd. I have another Madeline DVD giveaway coming soon! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. I don’t think I’ve actually seen a cardinal in real life before. I’m not sure if they’re even in my area (Vancouver, Canada). I’ve often thought of having a bird feeder but we live near a slough (tidal creek) and quite a few rats live along it. I don’t want to tempt them with dangling food. Birds are so pretty though.

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