Hope and Pain

Oh how I wish it were as simple as “just think happy, positive thoughts”! 🙂 Life would be so much sweeter if it were easy to turn one’s thoughts from negative, melancholy things to positive, hopeful things.

The more I read and learn about mental illness, the more I realize it is, unfortunately, not a simple or easy process to switch one’s thoughts.  Perhaps it is for some people.  And yet, I think that for the ones that it’s most easiest, those people do not seem to struggle with ceaseless thoughts.

Just a few minutes ago, I was looking at some sites I have bookmarked on my laptop.  One of the bookmarks was a search I did to see what Myers Briggs personality type Rich Mullins was.  The eighth site down on the list said, “What Myers-Briggs personality type do serial killers usually have?” (Google “picked” it up as a search result because Herbert Mullin, a serial killer from the 1970s, is in the list.)  So then, I looked to see what personality types this site claimed the killers had.  This led to a few other searches.  (Talk about depressing!)  Among other things, I discovered that one of the Columbine shooters (who took his own life as well as the lives of other innocent people) allegedly had depression and struggled with ceaseless thoughts.

All of this to say, many people who suffer with mental illnesses seem to struggle with racing thoughts and/or with incessant thinking.  And, as I mentioned, the more I learn about mental illness, the more I realize and see certain patterns.  Is there an answer for those of us who suffer and struggle?  I wish I knew.  I only hope and pray that in my deepest, darkest moments, I’m able to keep looking to Jesus.


He is truly THE only way, and it’s actually comforting to me to note that He sweated drops of blood and wept and overturned the tables in the temple.  In other words, His life wasn’t all about “thinking happy thoughts.”

I’m not sure where to give credit for this image.  No copyright infringement is intended. I’m “simply happy” that Jesus is portrayed as having “down” times too.


Friends are Forever

I’m nearly in tears thinking about my sweet online friendships that have developed and are still developing even as I type.  Here are just a few of the friends I’ve made in the five years that I’ve been blogging…  (in random order, unless I ever get the urge, umption, gumption, and time to organize them I have them alphabetized by first names and categorized… sort of.)

Okay, there are a few (a very few) whom I’ve met IRL (in real life, for those of us still learning our anagrams).  (Most of these, I met at the Bloggers’ Picnic.)  They are:

(There are a few others whom I met at the picnic, but these are the ones whose blogs I frequented most.)

Here are some of the blogger-friends I “met” primarily because we were homeschooling…

The ones shown in light blue (above), I still keep up with fairly regularly.

Blogger-friends I’ve “met” along the way and since we stopped homeschooling…

Thank you, friends! 🙂

This blog entry was inspired (mainly) by Shannon’s post, “P & G Thank You Moms.”  I have no affiliation with P & G except that I do use some of their products.  I was given no compensation for this post except the “warm fuzzy” feelings of friendship!
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